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Various types of advertising on the site

The very first, the easiest money usually comes from the placement of various advertisements on the pages of your site. In order that from such advertizing there was any sense, it is necessary at least as-that to promote your website in search engines.

It is necessary that people found it on the relevance of their search query. Therefore, creating a website just to place ads on it is a stupid thing to do.

виды рекламы на сайте

Is the website on a certain subject, is unwound and hang it on the advertising. The last action can be called monetization of the site.

A website may need different kind of advertising.

A variety of advertising

To date, advertising is of the following types:

Contextual advertising.

In contrast to the usual advertising (banners, links), contextual advertising is dynamic and ads are displayed in accordance with the theme of the pages of the site, that is, advertisements are relevant to your content.

That is why contextual ads are interesting to the user, as they correspond to the information they are looking for on the Internet. For each click on such advertising pay from 5 cents to$2.

Contextual advertising you most likely saw already many times. It is found on many websites. This advert from Google, Yandex, Begun.

Their ad units can be located anywhere, but most often they are located at the top and bottom of the page, and on the right, as well as in the middle of the page between content blocks.

виды рекламы на сайте2

You probably do not know and thought about where this advertisement comes from and who pays you for it.

Monetization of the site

Now that I’ve introduced you to this type of advertising and you probably have a ready site with some attendance, you can start registration.

It is best to start with Google Adsense, because they have minimal requirements for site traffic. When registering, please specify your data, because some of them then you can not change.

You can find out on Google. In any case, you need to go through two steps: registration and receipt of the script installed on your site.

Now let’s talk about another form of advertising…

Selling links from your site.

The meaning of its use by advertisers remains the same, but it looks a little different. Here just links and they do not depend on the subject of the content being viewed, although there are also contextual links.

Typically, these links are installed at the very bottom of the secondary pages of the site. Their price depends on the remoteness of the page from the root (main page) of the site.

The closer to the root, the more expensive, but at the same time it is not profitable for your site in terms of search engine optimization. Therefore, the site needs to order promotion in instagram, which will increase its rating in the search.

The most common service of buying and selling links is the service Sape.ru, but easier register will on www.mainlink.ru Oh.

The third type of advertising.

Pointsmen.  Reviews…
This is different products that advertise advertisers. All the same the principle of operation of advertising on the Internet, only in this case is not the website of the advertiser and his product.

This method of earning blogs most popular, and advertisers are more interested in TCI and Pr, indexability and in some cases, the number of subscribers of your blog.

That is important passion of visitors of your blog of the considered subject. Quite a well-known service in this niche —


Direct advertiser.

Look for advertisers is difficult, if suddenly you do not have them among friends. Usually advertisers find you themselves, if you have left a form on the site to communicate with them or just contacts.

To do this, create a separate page called “Advertising” and already there place everything for advertisers: prices, contacts and more. In order to find a direct advertiser, look at popular blogs and see what banners they have hanging.

Click on these banners to navigate to “Contacts”, contact them and offer your blog as an advertising platform. There is also a special service banner advertising Rotaban, which serves as the interface for publishers and advertisers.

The next version…

Placing articles on your website for money.

The meaning is to place on your site article advertiser, which in addition to the main semantic content advertised site advertiser.

Pros this type of advertising is also that your site will be an additional thematic article, which will also be indexed by search engines and will be taken into account in the search. But before placing such articles, make sure that they are unique.


Among the exchanges of articles, I would advise you MiraLinks.

That’s it! Over time, I will add here other types of advertising, so you can sometimes look.

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