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Why do I need dropbox?

Why do I need dropbox?Today, almost every person in the work uses several electronic devices. At home there is a home computer at work – office, in addition, there is a laptop, and now they have added a variety of options iPad and iPhone. And between all these devices you need to share files and synchronize them.

Previously, SVN coped poorly with THE problem, but it is not always convenient. And not all devices can use this service.

Meanwhile, the problem of fast and convenient synchronization is very important. For those who want to link all devices into a single file synchronization system, a solution that was invented a few years ago, it is an external service, and is called Dropbox. About what kind of program dropbox we will tell you below.

How does it work and where does dropbox download to your computer ?

On your computer (for example, at home), you create a directory where you want to place the files that you want to synchronize. The folder is given the name My Dropbox. And all the files placed in it in the background are synchronized with the cloud located on the Internet.

Why do I need dropbox?

The files will be synchronized on each of the devices on which the client program is installed. This program will keep up-to-date the contents of folders and files that are placed in the My Dropbox directory. The advantage of the service is that client programs can run on almost all platforms.

Usually, the free disk space provided has a limit of up to 2 GB. But if you need to work with a large volume of files, you can get a Premium account. It significantly increased the size of the space provided-up to 50 GB (at a cost of $10 per month) and even 100 GB ($20 per month). You can also expand the necessary volume to 18 GB, with the help of the referral program. About this feature later.

Why do I need dropbox?

You can set the level of access to uploaded files in Dropbox. They can be fully public or can only be accessed by selected users.

Installation of Dropbox software:

Installation does not take much time, does not require significant effort or deep knowledge. For users of iPhone and iPad is available free app, which can be taken directly from the Apple AppStore. They are installed without any problems.

To date, Dropbox client versions have been released for these platforms:

  1. Of Windows starting from Windows 2003 and up to Vista and 7 (versions for 32 – and 64-bit);
  2. The Macintosh (version OS Tiger 10.4 and higher);
  3. Many versions of Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, including the source code, open source;
  4. Android (OS 1.5 and later);
  5. iOS 3.1 and above for iPhone or iPad;
  6. BlackBerry.

What is the referral program from Dropbox

The system has an interesting referral program. The reward for the clients who subscribe to the referral link is given not by money, but by the possibility of expanding the disk space. For each client, which is downloaded and installed to your computer the Dropbox client, the maximum size of the free disk space increases to 500 MB.

However, there are restrictions – the maximum free volume is 18 GB (2 is provided initially, and 32 connections are taken into account). By the way, 500 megabytes are also provided for clients who applied to the system not directly, but by referral link. So, by offering your friends to sign up for their link, you provide them with an additional service.

This is really a very useful and convenient service – invite a cloud to your home and find out how convenient it is to use free cloud storage.

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