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Stylish and feature: Pioneer se-MJ 751 headphone Overview

Anyone who believes that the headphones should not only sound good, but also look stylish at the same time. All who are tired of poor and nondescript shell, which is enclosed in their favorite music. And even those who just need a stylish accessory.

Pioneer SE-MJ 751 наушники

Headphones-new models

This summer, Pioneer has released two models of headphones for everyday use: the SE-MJ 721 and SE-MJ 751.

In this review, I will talk about the older model, which received the prefix “Bass Head”.

Headphones have a nice design, adequate price tag (about $ 100), some interesting features, and good performance (on paper)


Frequency response 8 – 28000 Hz
Impedance 16 Ohm
104 dB sensitivity
Maximum power of 1000 mW
Weight 200 g

Design and appearance

In these headphones, the manufacturer has applied a unique design. Now you in each ear shouts to not one but two speakers. The main additional 40mm and 30mm.

This design gives you a wide frequency response (Hz 8-28000)

Another interesting feature was the bass level control.

Let the bass setting is not the most important feature in headphones. But those who are too lazy to adjust the equalizer should like it.

Just glad that the cable is detachable. Besides, it connects to a headphone, ordinary mini-Jack and not some proprietary, trejdingovym connector. Therefore, in case of malfunction or loss of the original cord, it can easily be replaced with a new one.

The cable itself is of good quality, it is pleasant to the touch and does not get confused.

About appearance to tell too, and so you all can see in the photo.
The only thing I want to note is that the surface is glossy and perfectly collects fingerprints.

The main and important

What’s the most important thing about headphones? Sound, convenience, noise isolation?

Headphones sound good, but no more. For their money they are playing. Here perhaps is bad a wide frequency range of. But they will open only after heating, and only on a good source of sound. After all, it is impossible to estimate the sound of a hundred dollar headphones from the phone or built-in sound card.

But these headphones can hardly be called comfortable. They sit quite firmly, and sleep, even if you decide to run, they will not. But headphones are not very soft, and are borne on the ear and not around it.

Pioneer SE-MJ 751

Therefore, the ears begin to sweat after 15 minutes, rooting through 20.

But what about the noise isolation ? After all, with a closed design and an impedance of 16 Ohms, they should be an excellent solution for portable use. There is not so good as we would like.

Noise isolation could be better. She should be better. She’s just supposed to be here. But she’s not here. Cut off these Pioneers is not much more noise than open headphones. So listen to the music in them on a noisy street, in urban transport (especially in the subway) will not work.

And so, what we have in the end

Excellent appearance, good design and build quality, decent sound, detachable cord and bass control on the headphones themselves.

And a terrible landing, and the complete lack of sound insulation.

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