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Smartphones. Not less than four inches


Smartphones have already become a part of everyday life for many people. We do not have enough conventional mobile communication, and all those primitive functions of the old cell phones.


We want much more from our electronic assistants. Web surfing, social networking, music, videos, ebooks and more. And smartphones can give us all this.

New level

The emergence of operating systems such as IOS and Android, brought smartphones to a new level.

Intuitive interface; optimized for touch control, as well as multi-touch and kinetic scrolling. All this made smartphones not only more convenient from the practical side, but also more beautiful from the aesthetic side.

Thanks to all of the above smartphones have become interesting, not only businessmen and geeks, but also ordinary consumers, which made them a real mass product.

And it’s not a phone with advanced features and the real pocket computers connecting to mobile networks. The phone calls went into the background. And the ability to surf the vast expanses of the Internet, as well as enjoy a huge number of different applications have become the main necessity of modern man. And with all the abundance of possibilities of modern communicators, small screens become uncomfortable to communicate with your gadget. After all, the screen is the main element, not only consumption, but also input information

Therefore, manufacturers produce devices with huge, sometimes it would seem absurd

sizes. But if they are clumsy they seem at first glance? It is only necessary to use such a device for a week, and nothing else you do not want.

Personal experience

Recently I was on a trip where my Galaxy R was my only gadget; more Precisely it was the one and the camera and the computer.

Using a smartphone with a screen diagonal of more than 4 inches, I actively used the Internet, edited photos, captured them, and I read magazines in PDF format.

From personal experience I can say that if I had a smartphone with a screen of less than four inches, I would go to the Internet less often, it would not be so convenient to edit photos, but to read magazines and at all unbearable. And after all on all this users of smartphones spend much more time, than on phone calls.

A little bit of statistics

Surveys conducted by various IT publications confirm the loyalty of smartphone users to large screens. According to statistics, most respondents consider the ideal diagonal for a smartphone 4-4.5 inches. Now let’s take a look at the market as a whole, 3 best selling Android smart phones; Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note, with screens of 4.3, 4.8 and 5.3 inches respectively.


The phone screen will no longer grow uncontrollably. This race has already reached the top of its logical development, when everyone can choose for themselves what suits him more. After all, already sold so many different devices for every taste, and personal preferences.

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