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Smart TV-not so smart. Electronics manufacturer.

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Development trend

Recently, electronics manufacturers are increasingly trying to give their products, some computer functions: the ability to access the Internet and various applications (the so-called Smart functions). Smartphones, SmartWatch, and of course Smart-TV.

Electronics manufacturer

смарт электроники

For several years smart TVs have filled in the consumer electronics market, and their ads are full of TV and the Internet, causing people genuine interest. Some ask: “what is this Smart-TV?”. Others believe that the TV without “Smart” is no longer a TV.

Main question

So what do they represent, and what they can do? And are they really smart?

A real look at things

At first glance, the Internet browser and a couple of vague applications in your TV may seem impressive (Here it is – technological progress. When it is possible to be rummaged on the Internet from the telly). But remember the old computers on Windows 98, which we now equate to calculators. So here is computers, 12-13 year ago, were much more.

The software in the Smart TV will never compare to a full-fledged operating system. Try to compare the amount of software for Smart-TV and for Windows. After purchasing a regular nettop, you will be able to do a simple LCD TV, much more functional, like a fancy Smart TV.

So the smart TVs that currently exist – is PC all-in-ones with built-in TV tuner. Here you and the usual TV, and a full-featured operating system. They are the base on which to make smart TVs.

Dream up

Just imagine a large, thin LED or OLED TV, with an Intel Core i7 processor, a powerful discrete graphics card and a disk space of a couple of Terabytes, and that it would all be running Windows 8. Here it would be a really smart TV. Multimedia, gaming and work center with Internet and a sea of soft.

And it’s all in one device. Just connect the desired manipulator (Keyboard, mouse, graphics tablet, Gamepad, joystick, even the steering wheel with pedals) and it will be exactly the device you need. That would be truly a SMART TV!


As you can see now, there are no real Smart-TV on the market yet. And what is, no more than advertised toys, in which there is more marketing than functionality.

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