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How to distinguish a Chinese phone from the original

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Today, almost all brands have their forgeries. It is easy to distinguish some models. However, to distinguish the original iphone from the Chinese, a person without experience can not. The sellers often buy a Chinese fake and sell it at the price of the original. All this because of the low cost and the benefit to the store is several times more.

How to distinguish? First of all, pay attention to the external state and carefully consider it. It can also be a refurbished phone from China, which is then sold from us.

How to distinguish a Chinese phone from the original

The Chinese device has the same spikes, seams, buttons, the display is made of poor quality, and it can be seen. Also, many clandestinely manufactured phones simply impossible translation into Russian. Nokia phones are known for their heavy weight. If the device is light, it is most likely a fake. The Chinese phone of this model is light and elastic.

Brittle plastic, I have the feeling that the phone is scratched the first signs of tampering. On the original, the sound when you press the button is slightly muted, unlike in Chinese.

How to distinguish a Chinese phone from the original

Counterfeit manufacturers have proven themselves as manufacturers of devices of models of Sony Ericsson. Copies of the cots a little creaking when opening the lid, and the material from which made the housing, it looks unnatural. Clone iPhone can be distinguished by the presence of stylus. Have copies he there is, have of the original there is no.

Also Chinese copies of the iPhone are often unstable and in a short time you will have to visit the repair shop for phones. By the way there is a very decent service for repair techs iPhone. If you have any problems with the phone, please contact us, we will help you.

How to distinguish a Chinese phone from the original

The touch screen of the copy does not support multi-touch technology (stretching the photo or reducing it with your fingers). Too low the price of a mobile device is always alarming. Plus, pay attention to the Russification, errors in translation. If they are present, it is a fake, as in the original mobile errors are excluded.

The clones have extension camera inferior. Chinese phones usually go on a few SIM cards, and the name is applied correctly. Also, the Chinese copy does not support Java.

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