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How Google ranks sites

As you know, more than 1.5 billion people around the world use mobile Internet, of which about 80% use smartphones. If these figures did not encourage you to create a mobile version of your site, the following information should give you a final push in this direction.

How Google ranks sites

Google encourages website owners to pay their attention to mobile device users, with a subtle hint that these users in the eyes of Google will have priority in their further development. Describing what exactly will change in the search algorithm, Google developers specifically stressed that there will be ” a significant impact on search results.”

That is, the new algorithm will completely change the old idea of search results.

The owners of the sites that have not optimized their products for mobile devices, will suffer a significant loss in ranking. As for companies that attract customers over the Internet search — not optimized sites are likely to lead to a significant drop in their revenues.

By the way, it is best to use for their sites some Agency Internet marketing for the creation and promotion of sites, with a good reputation. I for instance use the Agency of Internet marketing Webbranding. I especially like their service-evaluation of the reputation of the site.

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In General, this Agency has a large number of different tools for creating and promoting websites, ranging from brand awareness and ending with the conclusion of the filters and web Analytics.

Google has specifically made a statement in advance about the upcoming change to site owners had time to prepare. Do not think that search engines are hostile to you, but do not think that they are friendly to you.

How Google ranks sites
The priority of the search engine has always been and will be simple users, and the purpose of the search engine is to provide end users with the information they are looking for. If your site is suitable in all respects, the user will come to you, but if not — then do not judge, it is better to engage in optimization.

Search engines want their users were doing a lot of work, looking for the necessary information, no matter what device they use. After all, search engines are the same sites, and they also care about the number of users. And considering that the mobile market occupies more than 1/5 of the e — Commerce market, the future changes of the mobile search algorithm are not a whim, but a necessity.

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Think about your users and customers. Think about how easy it is for them to find the information or product they need on your site if they are accessing from a mobile device (phone or tablet). Can they easily discover without going over the endless links, address or phone number of your company (store, restaurant)? Mobile search, at this point in time, brings about 60% of online traffic to websites, and people use their mobile phones and tablets to do a lot of action.

How Google ranks sites

Therefore, now Google will look more at factors such as:

Massturbate if the fonts on your website for mobile devices for easier reading on small screens?

If you have a separate mobile site, with subdomain m. , it is necessary that 301 redirects work correctly. So, if the user on the mobile device will enter the URL of your site

Touch elements, such as buttons, should be easy to use and located at a distance from other touch elements.

How Google ranks sites

The site should load quickly and without data loss.


As soon as you can optimize your website for mobile devices.

Conduct a full audit of your site: analyze competitors in mobile search results, look at the place that occupies your site in the sickle, etc.

Check the position of your pages in the search results, and conduct a full analysis of their compliance with key queries.

Follow all Google recommendations, do not engage in black optimization, it can only harm you.

Use the tools that Google offers. Check how convenient your site is for viewing on mobile devices.

You can also use the webmaster Tools.

How Google ranks sites

Remember that users don’t want to constantly zoom in to read page text, or scroll the screen left-right to see menus or titles of other articles. Make sure that they don’t have to do that. Mobile friendliness (mobile friendliness) is defined by Google at the page level — Google is currently working on a dedicated index for mobile devices.

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Having carried out the appropriate optimization for mobile devices, you will well prove your site in the eyes of search engines that will see that you are really working to simplify the task of the user and provide him with the information that he is looking for.

Follow the simple rules of optimization; work with search engines, and not trying to deceive them; think about what users need (and not what you want to fuck from users), and your site will like users will benefit them and will be well ranked by search engines.

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