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Antiplagiarism. Pros and cons of using the program


After various projects appeared on the Internet to analyze the uniqueness of text documents (diploma and course papers, abstracts, etc.), it became much more difficult for students to perform work related to writing text. Among the most popular programs for checking the uniqueness of the text is “anti-Plagiarism”, the advantages and disadvantages of which will be discussed in this article.

In fact, the main advantage of using the program “anti-Plagiarism”, in the opinion of developers and users — improving the quality of the education system and the motivation of students to independent work. Basically, the “anti-Plagiarism” used by teachers that allows them to easily determine the degree of uniqueness of the students and understand who wrote the essay or thesis independently, and who just downloaded a ready-made text from the Internet.

Also among the advantages of using the program “Antiplagiat” is that at the moment its algorithm is protected from most of the manipulations used by students to enhance the uniqueness of the text. In particular, the system is protected from replacing Cyrillic letters with Latin letters, word and sentence permutation, replacing individual words with synonyms, spaces with dots and dots with commas. Of course, to increase the uniqueness of the text on the program “Antiplagiat” students may well, but for this they will need to use several sources and rethink the information, that is, a deep study of the topic is still happening.


As for the disadvantages of using the program “anti-Plagiarism”, then they include some difficulties working with it. First of all, we are talking about checking a large volume of texts, which, of course, teachers just need to, as they need to check the work of not one student, but the whole group, and even several.

Also, according to reviews about the program “Antiplagiat”, the system does not always evaluate the text objectively — sometimes it happens that the results of non-unique content is analyzed as quite unique. Conversely, some works written by students themselves can be analyzed by the program “Antiplagiat” as non-unique, as links or quotes program often defines as plagiarism.

However, despite the shortcomings, this method of checking the uniqueness of texts is very popular among many teachers, allowing them to instill in students a more serious and responsible approach to the tasks.

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