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Why do I need dropbox?

Today, almost every person in the work uses several electronic devices. At home there is a home computer at work – office, in addition, there is a laptop, and now they have added a variety of options iPad and iPhone. ...

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Smart TV-not so smart. Electronics manufacturer.


Development trend Recently, electronics manufacturers are increasingly trying to give their products, some computer functions: the ability to access the Internet and various applications (the so-called Smart functions). Smartphones, SmartWatch, and of course Smart-TV. Electronics manufacturer For several years smart ...

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Smartphones. Not less than four inches


Smartphones Smartphones have already become a part of everyday life for many people. We do not have enough conventional mobile communication, and all those primitive functions of the old cell phones. We want much more from our electronic assistants. Web ...

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Antiplagiarism. Pros and cons of using the program


After various projects appeared on the Internet to analyze the uniqueness of text documents (diploma and course papers, abstracts, etc.), it became much more difficult for students to perform work related to writing text. Among the most popular programs for ...

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