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What is a blog on WordPress

Hello to all readers of my blog!

In this small article I want to tell you about what is absolutely any blog on the example of CMS — WordPress.

What is a CMS? It is a site content management system. I will explain easier, CMS is a set of programs and components designed to edit, modify and manage the site. In common, the name CMS means as the engine of the site.

Of course, nowadays there is a huge selection of different engines for managing websites, but in my articles I decided to consider all the examples of website building on WordPress. Why you ask? And because WordPress CMS is very easy to use. It does not have any unnecessary applications and besides it is absolutely free. Download it on the Internet and learn how to use will be able to absolutely everyone.

 What is a blog based on WordPress engine?

Overall, a WordPress blog looks like a set of folders, blog files, and databases. Blogfiles include engine files, such as WordPress,template (theme), plugins, pictures, videos and other files. Also, the blog includes a variety of scripts and static pages.

As for the Database, it is formed at the stage of installing the WordPress hosting engine and contains data of all posts and comments, as well as data generated by plugins. Databases contain all the necessary information about the site, its changes and so on.

Let’s friends in more detail analyze the basic files that make up any blog on WordPress.

I would like to start with a template (theme) as basic and initial changes at its creation are produced in the data files. Here is an example template:

пример шаблона

So visually looks like a blog on WordPress, or rather a template and it consists of files such as: header.php, sidebar.php, single.php, footer.php, comments.php and other files.

Now, in order:

header.php-header. Responsible for the output of the top of the template, namely the output of the title, links and other records. Here you can edit and customize the site to your liking. This part looks like this:

шапка сайта

sidebar.php-responsible for the sides of the site. Contains headings, permanent links and widgets, such as calendar, archive and looks like this. The output of the widgets is done from your WordPress dashboard:

боковые части сайта

single.php — so to speak the Central file of the blog. Responsible for displaying articles, notes, news, as well as the date and author of the publication of the record:

центральный файл блога

footer.php — the footer of your website. Responsible for the bottom of the site, in particular for the output of some links, for example here you can insert a link about who created this blog:

подвал сайта

comments.php-is responsible for displaying comments in the entry. Here you can change some settings and remove unnecessary links that appear in the comments.

So, in order to change the site, namely its template, you will need a text editor.

I myself use Notepad++ editor and recommend it to you. The editor is very simple and easy to use, useful to all webmasters. I also want to note an important point when using Notepad++. When you edit any files, let’s say to upgrade your site, be sure to check the file encoding before saving. You need to encode in UTF-8 format (without BOM). This is done very simply in the editor go to the menu “Encoding” and set the desired value to us. Then save the file.

That’s all my friends, now you know what is a blog on WordPress. In the next article we will analyze what a local server is and learn how to use the comprehensive program “Denwer”. Good luck!

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