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Several times I got into a pretty stupid situation – the site invests in resources and resources, it takes a lot of time – and the way, in the sense of the site, and now there, that is, in the ...

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We take all styles to an external file

Создание звездочек-рейтингов

In the previous example, we defined styles by describing them in the <head></head> section of our document. This is quite convenient, but what if we have to work with a large number of pages on the site? It is very ...

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How to promote regular blogs

обычные блоги

Hi everyone. And you know how blogs, usual blogs, for example the same blogs of graduates of a Startup actually advance. No, I’m not going to mess with a startup Now, just their graduates now so much that finding a ...

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What is a blog on WordPress

пример шаблона

Hello to all readers of my blog! In this small article I want to tell you about what is absolutely any blog on the example of CMS — WordPress. What is a CMS? It is a site content management system. ...

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WordPress (WordPress Shortcuts)

Шорткоды Вордпресс2

Introduced in WordPress version 2.5, shortcodes are powerful but still little-known feature of WordPress. Imagine that you can just type “adsense” to display an AdSense ad or “post_count” to instantly know the number of posts in your blog. WordPress shortcuts ...

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How to start website promotion

оптимизация сайта

How to start website promotion? Question the website asks almost every second Webmaster who was able to create a site on the Internet. Before you begin to promote the site, you should consider the common mistakes. As they say, you ...

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