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Whether or not to install antivirus on Windows 10 in 2018

antivirus 2018The Windows operating system of the tenth generation, despite the ambiguous attitude of some categories of users to it, is increasingly being developed on the computers of tens of millions of users around the world.

It is only necessary to get used to the ” Ten ” to evaluate its convenience in the work and feel all the innovations offered by the developers.

There are a lot of features and advantages: it is an improved interface, and the Edge browser supports all the latest developments, advanced technologies, and numerous additional offers. Of course, provided in the OS from Microsoft and built-in antivirus protection, which we will talk about later.

Paid and free antivirus for Windows 10

Users who have recently moved to the latest version of the operating system, often wonder about the need to install antivirus for Windows 10. On the market there are many different proposals, developed specially to protect your computer.

There are free versions that anyone can download and install without spending any money. These anti-viruses may give up a little functionality surcharge, or can be offered with built-in advertising. You can choose and paid antivirus. The most common and popular programs for protecting computers from viruses are:

  • Kaspersky Lab.
  • Avast.
  • AhnLab.
  • AVG.
  • ESET and other.
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And do I need any antivirus on Windows 10, or the developers have provided their own protection for the software, and if so, how it is reliable and effective.

Built-in antivirus from Windows 10, what is it?

Your own antivirus have Windows 10 features, Microsoft has created a fairly effective program that allows you to protect against virtually all known viruses. Starting from the eighth version, the operating system is equipped with a built-in security system.

Some users accustomed to the use of paid antivirus programs out of habit only trust them and install a different version of Kaspersky, other popular programs. As far as it is effective and expedient, everyone decides independently.

You Fntivirus #1

For some – it’s a matter of habit, others seek to provide maximum reliability, efficiency of protection of your computer and all stored on the device information.

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Level of reliability

Windows 10 antivirus — Windows Defender, the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials, is a free product developed by the company. Most recently, this product was offered as a separate component of the software, now antivirus – a mandatory element of THE software built into the operating system. Defender guarantees users the highest degree of protection against most types of real threats in the Network.

Comparative analysis and results of numerous tests show that Defender effectively copes with various types of threats and provides protection:

  • Zero-day attacks (Real-World Testing – – at level 98%
  • Predominant threats in the network (Reference set – – 99,9%

“Perfect” the virus has a one hundred percent results according to these indicators. But the gap is minimal and Windows Defender quite critical. And if given, that Kaspersky – tax antivirusnik, then the benefits from use of embedded protection becomes even more obvious.

Proper solution

Of course, whether the antivirus on Windows 10 is necessary additional (paid/free) – decides each user independently. In General, used in the software” tens ” utility provides reliable protection of the PC and in my opinion, it is easy to cope with the tasks assigned to the program. The program is updated regularly, everything happens automatically. If you follow some safety guidelines:

  1. Do not open suspicious attachments in mail.
  2. Do not use hacked programs.
  3. Do not install suspicious plug-ins.
  4. Be updated regularly
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it is possible to do without additional anti-virus (as I do). I say this because a big part of my life I spend in network and visit in a day hundreds of sites, but also established many different programs and still no serious threats not experienced, protected only by Windows defender. Every six months, placing a “virus” to make sure that no infection has not penetrated the system.

And you use antivirus third-party developers (if you use, what), or content with built-in? Write about it in the comments.


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