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Can I do without antivirus in Windows?

Can I do without antivirus in Windows?

Everyone knows that Windows without an antivirus can not survive in today’s network and hours.

If, of course, do not strictly restrict the list of sites visited. But it will not be work, but … more precisely, it will be only work, not entertainment, without which sometimes it becomes sad.

Actually, what are the bad antiviruses, especially since many of them can be downloaded and installed for free. Yes, there is nothing wrong with them, except that they are all too unreliable and too heavy, especially for obsolete computers.

Often, firewalls and antiviruses can spoil your mood without letting you open up to the right site, limiting the game to Internet access. There are several ways to work without them at all.


One of them is perfectly familiar: the use of virtual computers, where you can install the necessary operating system that has access to the Network.

And the main OS will be protected with a regular firewall, which does not allow to accept almost no incoming connections.

This method is good, but it also requires considerable resources – modern “sandboxes” are quite demanding on memory and processor speed.


Can I do without antivirus in Windows?The second option is known slightly less, but it, nevertheless, is a regular “half-forgotten” method. Namely: never use an administrator account to work on the web.

Everything that concerns the work must be set up under the guest record. Working under it without antivirus, you, of course, catch dozens of viruses, but it’s worth rebooting, removing the old record and creating a new one – and again you have a clean system.

Viruses can not spoil anything in the system or files, but you need to properly configure security policies. The web has a lot of instructions on how to do it, so specific links here will be redundant.

It remains only to notice that working in guest mode sharply limits the time of the session – the viruses are now painfully lively. In any case, Linux works just like that, although any malicious programs start appearing under it.

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In principle, the situation with Windows antiviruses becomes understandable: either to observe how these programs “kabaneet” from year to year and such an antivirus slows down the computer, or to work quickly without them, but at the same time it is constantly rebooted, keeping its original data in impeccable form.

The choice is yours. And we will still hope that Windows will radically change in terms of security, including all means for this in its core.

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