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Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

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If you to the Windows 10 Installation, the wifi no longer works, or only as a limited is displayed, this can have several reasons. Among other things, the WLAN Adapter is deactivated, you can installed a wrong driver, or your Router not be set correctly. Also the old Wi-Fi to work-Sticks, such as the AVM Fritz under Windows 10. We show in our tip of the day, what you can do about it.

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

If the Wi-Fi in Windows 10 is not working properly, you a Wi-Fi network, or only as a “limited” appear. In addition, Wi-Fi Adapter are affected by the Broadcom bug and will not work under Windows 10 often. Even if you have previously used a WLAN Stick from AVM Fritz, the older models of Windows 10 all of a sudden.

Windows 10: KB3201845 blocked Wi-Fi

If you have installed in Windows 10, the Update KB3201845 (Windows Build 14393.479), may be the Internet or the Wi-Fi disconnected often. As a Fix, Microsoft has released the Update KB3206632, Windows 10 should automatically install. If that doesn’t help, do the following:

  1. The command prompt opens with administrator rights.
  2. Type the following two lines and then confirmed in each case:*netsh winsock reset catalog

    *netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

  3. As a result, the so-called Winsock reset catalog reset, the logs will provide the necessary Internet-ready.
  4. Launches Windows 10.

Windows 10: Wi-Fi not working – network adapter is disabled.

For us, it occurred, that the associated network adapter was simply disabled.

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

To check whether the network is enabled adapter for the Wi-Fi, you do the following:

  • The key combination Windows + R to open the Run Dialog.
  • Typed in devmgmt.msc and confirmed with the enter key. The device Manager will open.
  • Looking under network adapters your wireless Adapter. Disabled devices makes Windows by a small black arrow that is pointing downwards. If your wireless Adapter is disabled, click on it with the right mouse button and selects to Activate the entry.

If your wireless Adapter shows up with a false name or a yellow warning triangle with an exclamation mark, probably the wrong driver is installed.

Windows 10: Wi-Fi does not work – Wrong Wi-Fi driver is installed

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

Under certain circumstances, Windows 10 has been installed in the Upgrade to the wrong Wi-Fi driver for your Adapter. This may be the case, if in Windows 10, the network identification fails, after you have installed an Update. An unrecognized network card in device Manager, next to your network adapter a little yellow warning triangle with Exclamation point shows up, or your Wi-Fi Adapter, or with a false name is not available. In the case of the following:

  1. Open the device Manager as described above.
  2. Click with the right mouse key on your network adapter and select driver software update.
  3. In the new window, click on the button On the Computer for driver software, and then click from a list of device drivers on my Computer.
  4. At the bottom of the window Windows 10 displays a list of compatible Hardware. Under certain circumstances, there are listed a number of devices. Click on the correct name of your wireless adapter and click on Next and follow the instructions. Windows 10 will then install the new wifi driver.
  5. If your WLAN Adapter does not appear in the list, you can try to remove the checkmark next to show Compatible Hardware. Then select left from the list the manufacturer of your wireless adapter manually, and on the right the corresponding model.
  6. If your network adapter does not appear, download and install the latest Windows 8 drivers for your wireless Adapter from the manufacturer and unpack the archive file on your hard disk. It contains an. INF file. Then click in the same window as in the point 5 (see the Screenshot above) on the have disk Button and select the. INF file from the unpacked archive-file of your Windows-8-driver. Click on Open and follow the instructions on the PC.

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

If the driver file is in the Form of an executable file such as an EXE, open the device Manager, click with the right mouse button on the error of the WLAN-Adapter and select the entry Uninstall. Reboot PC and installed the new wireless driver with the.EXE file.

Wi-Fi in Windows 10 goes – Wrong IP settings

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

If your static IP did you assign the addresses in your home network, it may be that Windows 10 has adopted this correctly, it is not in the WLAN can log in and, therefore, no Internet is available. Points to check:

  1. The key combination Windows + R to open the Run Dialog.
  2. Typing the command ncpa.cpl and confirmed with the enter key.
  3. Click with the right mouse button on the wireless Adapter and select the properties entry.
  4. Looking in the list below the entry Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Selects the entry and clicks on the properties Button.
  5. In the new window, enter the fixed IP address. In default gateway, and Preferred DNS Server enter in the IP address of your router. The subnet mask is usually

If the Wi-Fi still doesn’t work, you can also try: wifi does not work – Possible reasons and what you can do. If your Smartphone have problems:

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

No connection with this network possible Router Firmware, encryption and radio channel

This error often appears very suddenly, Yesterday, everything went still, and suddenly no longer can connect to Windows 10 with the Wi-Fi network. Then the error message appears:

No connection with this network.

Often the Wi-Fi works if you disable the encryption, but not if you turn on WPA/WPA2. The following solutions usually lead to success:

  • Updated your Router Firmware, if Updates are available, Fritz:!Box-settings and install the Update.
  • Disabled the 5 GHz wireless Band on your Router, if enabled, and tried just the 2.4 GHz Band. Where to access this setting in the Fritzbox, we explain in the article: Fritzbox 2.4 – 5-GHz-frequency band to switch. Also, you should in the settings for “wireless channel” mixed Wi-Fi Standard 802.11 b/g/n setting instead of g/n or g/b.
  • Resets the Wi-Fi connection of the PC and connect again, so you select again this network, and the Wi-Fi password must be reset: Windows 10: the network.
  • Checks whether you have entered in Windows 10, the correct Wi-Fi password. Under the circumstances, the caps lock key is enabled, the writes everything automatically, or you have an English keyboard Layout activated, the keyboard switch from English to German.
  • Also, the virus scanner and Firewall settings. Sometimes blocking the network access.

Windows 10: Wi-Fi and Internet access is limited – you can do

If your Wi-Fi or the Internet connection will be shown only as a limited, you do not have access to the Internet and the connection breaks. Windows 10 will then display a small yellow exclamation mark in front of the Wi-Fi icon in the task bar.

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

In the event you should try first, as described above, the wireless drivers on the manufacturer website to download and install. Because sometimes Windows 10 installed with the automatic Update a wrong driver.

Windows 10: Wi-Fi, limited Internet Protocol TCP/IP reset

If the Wi-Fi and Internet still appear to be limited, it helps under certain circumstances, reset the TCP/IP Protocol:

  • The key combination Windows + R to open the Run Dialog.
  • Type regedit and confirmed with the enter key, to start the Registry.
  • Navigate to the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlsetcontrolnsi{eb004a00-9b1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc}26
    Note: If you can’t find the key 26, look at the very similar-sounding to other keys {eb004a01-9b1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc} and
    {eb004a03-9b1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc}, whether or not he can find there.

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

  • Click with the right mouse button on the key 26, and selects the entry permissions.
  • Puts down in the full control row, a check mark under Allow.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Press the key combination Windows + X and select in the menu, select command prompt (Administrator).
  • Type the following command and confirm with the enter key: netsh int ip reset C:resetlog.txt.
  • Launches Windows 10.


Turning on Wi – Fi is limited in Windows 10-FIPS compliance for the network

  • The Enable FIPS compliance for the network to have led some users to solve a problem of limited wifi:
  • Click with the right mouse button on the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar and choose network and sharing center open.
  • Click in the new window, in addition to Connections to the word Wi-Fi.

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

  • In the Status window of Wi-Fi, you have to click on the Button on the wireless properties.
  • In the wireless network properties window, click on the Button Advanced settings.
  • A check mark in FIPS-compliance (Federal Information Processing Standards) in the window Advanced settings for this network enable.
  • Launches Windows 10.

Only limited Wi-Fi – turn Off Wi-Fi adapter disable

Another Option is to disable the automatic turn Off of the Wi-Fi adapter, the Wi-Fi works again. Here’s how:

  1. Open the device Manager.
  2. Click under the tab network adapters, double-click your network adapter.
  3. Click on the Tab power management.
  4. Removes the checkmark next to the Computer to turn off this device to save power.
  5. Launches Windows 10.

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

Wi-Fi in Windows 10 is limited – the virus scanner and Firewall settings check

There are reports on the Internet that can also be the virus scanner on the limited Wi-Fi to blame. In the case of Bitdefender, it has helped according to the corresponding Forum, if in the Firewall options, set the function Block Internet Connection Sharing has been disabled.

Thus, it can be useful, the installed virus scanner against another exchange. Windows-10-Antivirus: What is a virus read scanner install? and Antivirus Test: The 10 best virus scanners.

No wireless Outdated Adapter or reinstallation of Windows 10

If the above-mentioned approaches do not help everyone, it can also be that your wireless Adapter is out of date in the PC and there is no matching Windows 10-driver more. However, it also can help me a high probability of a complete re-install of Windows 10 if the Windows 10 Upgrade errors. Before that, it is useful to create an Image Backup of Windows 10.

Wi-Fi in Windows 10, a non – Broadcom Adapter have a Bug Problem

Many users have for months been problems in Windows 10 your Wi-Fi to get modules from the manufacturer, Broadcom. Apparently it is a faulty Wi-Fi support, whereby the Adapter cannot be started. Can be affected, among other things, PCs from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Asus, which use a Broadcom Adapter.

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

To find out whether your wifi Adapter is from Broadcom, you do the following:

  1. Open the device Manager.
  2. In the Hardware list, select network adapter.
  3. If there is an entry such as Broadcom 802.11 abgn Wireless Adapter with a Broadcom built-in Adapter in the device.
  4. Double click on the entry and on the General Tab, if not already done.
  5. Under device status you see, if you have any problems. If there is, that the device can not be started, is affected, the Adapter is probably from the above-mentioned Software Bug.

As described above, you can try to install the WLAN driver. May Windows 10 selects the automatic Installation of the wrong driver. The correct driver, eures Broadcom adapter to find out, so:

  • Open the device Manager and double click on the entry for the Broadcom adapter.
  • Click on the Details Tab.

Windows 10: does not work Wi-Fi, what is the reason?

  • Selects in the drop-down menu at feature entry Hardware IDs, if not already done.
  • Including in the list with value, you will find a similar entry like: PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_1673&SUBSYS_01F91028&REV_024&1E93A591&0&00E5.
  • The abbreviation 14E4 identifies the Controller as a Broadcom Adapter. The number after DEV_ gives information about the device ID.
  • In the table below you can, on the basis of the device ID, the full Adapter name to find out, to search the corresponding driver on the Broadcom site.

If you will not to the Broadcom website to find it, look on the manufacturer’s website of your PC or laptop. These usually provide the correct drivers for your Hardware.

Geräte-IDPart #Modell
1600BCM5752NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1601BCM5752MNetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
160aBCM5761ENetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1643BCM5725NetXtreme Server
1644BCM5700NetXtreme Server
1645BCM5701NetXtreme Server
1645BCM5701SNetXtreme Server
1646BCM5702NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1647BCM5703NetXtreme Server
1648BCM5704NetXtreme Server
1653BCM5705NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1654BCM5705NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1655BCM5717NetXtreme Server
1656BCM5718NetXtreme Server
1657BCM5719NetXtreme Server
1659BCM5721NetXtreme Server
165aBCM5722NetXtreme Server
165bBCM5723NetXtreme Server
165dBCM5705MNetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
165eBCM5705MNetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
165fBCM5720NetXtreme Server
1665BCM5717NetXtreme Server
1668BCM5714NetXtreme Server
1669BCM5714SNetXtreme Server
166aBCM5780NetXtreme Server
166bBCM5780SNetXtreme Server
1672BCM5754MNetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1673BCM5755MNetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1674BCM5756MENetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1677BCM5751NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1678BCM5715NetXtreme Server
1679BCM5715SNetXtreme Server
167aBCM5754NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
167bBCM5755NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
167dBCM5751MNetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1680BCM5761ENetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1681BCM5761NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1684BCM5764NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1690BCM57760NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1696BCM5782NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
16a7BCM5703SNetXtreme Server
16a8BCM5704SNetXtreme Server
16b0BCM57761NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
16b4BCM57765NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
16c7BCM5703NetXtreme Server
16f3BCM5727NetXtreme Server
16f7BCM5753NetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
16fdBCM5753MNetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
16feBCM5753FNetXtreme Desktop/Mobile
1701BCM4401NetLink (10/100)
170cBCM4401NetLink (10/100)

Quelle: Broadcom


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