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Types of software licenses

Types of software licenses

Freeware (free)

The freeware license implies that the software can be used free of charge. However,” free ” may be qualified, for example, if the development is for household use only and not for commercial use. In the second case, the license will need to be purchased. In addition, the user may not be allowed to distribute the SOFTWARE for any reason, or to make changes to the source code.

Types of software licenses


This is a type of license that provides trial use of the SOFTWARE. Similar to the” trial ” license, but often such software can be used for a limited period of time of 30 days. After the trial period expires, you are offered to purchase a SOFTWARE license. Otherwise, the functionality of the program can be severely limited or blocked. However, it also happens that after the trial period, the program simply gives notice of the need to purchase a license, with no blocking occurs.

Types of software licenses

Trial (a trial version)

A type of license that involves the use of the software product for a limited period of time. At the end of this period, the SOFTWARE ceases to work or its functionality is greatly reduced. It happens that the trial period is 30 days, and it happens that the developer limits the number of launches. Thus, for example, after 20 launches, the program stops working and gives a notification about the need to purchase a license. However, in most cases, a limited number of launches is enough to evaluate the work of the SOFTWARE and decide on its purchase.

Types of software licenses

Demo (demo version)

Demoware is a trial software that aims to demonstrate the capabilities of such software. Typically, these versions are distributed as” samples ” so that a potential buyer can evaluate the program in action without purchasing a license. Most often, the functionality in such versions is cut off and has limitations that can be removed only after purchasing the full version of the software product.

Types of software licenses

GPL (free software)

GPL is a license to use the software product that allows you to use the SOFTWARE in both personal and commercial cases without violating such a license. The user even has the right to modify the source code and distribute the improved SOFTWARE as a unique product, but such software can not be sold.

Such SOFTWARE is distributed under the GNU license. And as an example, we can cite Linux distribution, which everyone can modify in any way, of course, with the appropriate programming skills and distribute as their own version of the SOFTWARE. That is why there is a huge number of versions of seemingly the same product in the world, but modified and modified by different developers for specific tasks.

Types of software licenses

Adware (free with banner)

Adware is often totally free, however pre-loaded with advertising, which is placed in the program or displayed during the installation process on the computer. Thus, the creators of the software make a profit by distributing their developments, integrating into them advertising blocks and other SOFTWARE.

Types of software licensesCommercial SOFTWARE (Commercialware)

Commercial SOFTWARE is a type of licensing that provides for the sale of a software product without the possible release of demo versions. The main goal is to get profit for the development, which can be used only after full payment. Very often such SOFTWARE is developed for a specific customer or a group of customers.

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