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Selection of e-books

Selection of e-booksThanks to the invention of the technology of ePaper and E Ink, the so-called electronic paper, there is an increasing popularity and prevalence of e-books, and among many fans already read all discussions about how should look a modern library and in what form you want to save the texts.

If you, too, plan to join the fans of e-books, but still lost in a huge range of products offered, a variety of models and characteristics, this become just help you learn more about e-books, so you can choose the most appropriate option for your needs.

It is worth to start by defining a list of key characteristics, from which it will be possible to make the best choice of an e-book among a huge number of models declared in the modern market. It is from these characteristics that the most depends on the usability of this technological development, so we recommend paying special attention to the basic parameters of the choice.

E-book screen size

For anyone who is faced with the task of making a choice of e-books, one of the key indicators will be its size. Regardless of where you are going to use it, whether it is a trip, or a kind of home electronic library, important parameters will be the weight of the product and the display diagonal, which, very often, are closely interconnected.

Selection of e-books

At this stage, the choice is dictated, first of all, the conditions in which you are going to use the product. e-book formats are quite different. The range of diagonals in such books is 5-10 inches. Ten-inch display will allow you to view pages in the format of their actual size, because 10 inches is equal to the normal sheet A4. But, accordingly, such dimensions of the device make it cumbersome and not very convenient to use on trips, so the e-book of this format will be more appropriate and comfortable at home.

Selection of e-books

For travel, the best option would be to choose a display size from 5 to 7 inches. Compact and convenient e-book of this format to fit even in a jacket pocket that will allow you to use it in every free minute, when you wish, no matter where you are, be it a car, or a bus stop. Naturally, flipping pages, in this case, will have much more often than in a book with a large screen, but the size of the letters and their readability will not be affected – these parameters are configured separately, they do not depend on the size of the display.

A device with a display size from 7 to 9 inches is suitable for those who plan to read mostly at home, and sometimes take a book with you on a trip, while you should consider that you sacrifice portability in favor of readability. In your pocket, of course, such an e-book can not fit, but, nevertheless, its size and weight are not so huge and it will not be burdensome heavy load in the portfolio or bag.


Regardless of the size of the diagonal of e – books, there are 2 types of displays:

  • based on the technology of the use of ink E ink;
  • liquid crystal display (TFT LCD), similar to those used in the production of laptops, smartphones and more.

There are significant differences between these two types of displays, so it is worth considering each of them in more detail.

The technology of electronic ink E ink and other varieties

Developed e-ink E Ink was in 1997, the Corporation E Ink Corporation. Their main advantage is the passive principle of operation, which significantly reduces stress and strain on the eyes during reading, as well as low energy consumption.

Selection of e-books

It is for these qualities, this technology is still called “electronic paper”.

The principle of operation of ink E ink

The displays, the principle of which is based on this technology, there are miniature cells that contain pigments in white and black, as well as a transparent oil base. Pigments have a different charge, so during the supply of current, some begin to rise up, while others, on the contrary, fall down. Thus, such cells are formed on the screen a text or an image, which does not disappear even when power is off.

Selection of e-books

There is no background light in E Ink technologies. This reduces eye strain while reading and brings the display text as close as possible to normal printed text on paper. In addition, such displays have anti-glare matte finish that allows you to read even during the day during bright light. But this quality is at the same time a disadvantage of the display, as in poor light reading is much more difficult and then you will need an additional light source.

But the most important advantage of E Ink technology is the very low amount of electricity consumption, fact it costs occur only during page turning, so no matter how many time you read one page, the cost of energy is not affected.

With all the advantages of E Ink displays, they still have some disadvantages, such as the fact that they are quite fragile, so they are much more prone to accidental damage than liquid crystal. Also, the response time in devices in which the technology is E Ink, is about 1000 MS (in the new generation of E Ink – 500 MS), at the time, as in modern LCD displays, this figure is about 8 MS. Due to this lack of electronic ink does not display dynamic animation and video, and significantly slows down redrawing pages.

Selection of e-books

One of the qualitative characteristics of E Ink technology is the display of gradation. This characteristic is responsible for the quality of drawing drawings, diagrams and other images in which a very important role is played by detailing and there are transitions of colors. This value mainly ranges from four to sixteen. To display only texts, it is sufficient indicator of grade 4. If you plan to view simple graphics, it is best to buy an item that contains 16 levels of grayscale.

In the process of improvements and new developments in the field of electronic paper, such types of displays have been developed.


The main task of this technology is to make the production of displays cheaper. The cells of such screens contain only a white pigment, and the liquid itself is a dielectric, in which they float-black. During the discharge current, the white particles rise to the top and make the cell white. But the pigment does not manage to close completely the cell, so get a pure white color using this technology – a very difficult task.

Selection of e-books

Regarding the liquid-dielectric, and it doesn’t give the desired deep black color. When comparing e Ink and SiPix screens, the contrast of the E Ink image is much better, although SiPix is usually taken for its inexpensive price.

Vizplex and Pearl

These technologies are a kind of improved version of E Ink. In this type of display contrast is increased by 50% in comparison with the previous generation, which makes reading from such a screen more close to reading from ordinary printed paper. Also significantly increased the update rate of pages, despite the fact that the expansion has reached 150-200 dpi.

Selection of e-books

Manufacturers claim that if you compare E Ink and E Ink Pearl, then E Ink is equal in quality to newspaper printing, and E Ink Pearl – printed book. However, the price of such displays is quite high.

E Ink Triton

This is a technology to obtain a color display on electronic ink. Although, to name, such type of the display color, of course, it is possible with a huge stretch. Inks in these types of displays are used the same as in E Ink, and to get the color use filters.

Selection of e-books

But the use of filters significantly reduces the level of contrast, so saturated and bright colors have not yet been achieved. This technology reach: the level of shades of gray to 16 shades of color is 4096.


For those who buy an e-book not only for reading, but also wants to see a more multifunctional device in it, a device with an LCD-display is perfect. Color screen LCD display has a backlight and looks a little different from our usual display of the laptop. In addition, the device itself resembles a tablet rather than an ordinary e-book. Therefore, if the main advantages for you are surfing, color, viewing photos and videos, or you prefer to read at night, the LCD displays are just right for you. However, when buying such a device, you should be prepared for the fact that the battery runs out after 4-5 hours of use.

Selection of e-books

The emergence of C-Paper technology is the result of improvements in LCD technology. Its main difference from a conventional LCD display is to optimize the brightness of the backlight, which has a positive effect on the battery.

Both E-Ink and LCD displays can be touch sensitive. This, of course, facilitates management, but is significantly displayed on the price.


In e-books with LCD display set battery from 1000 to 2000 mAh, and only in very rare cases, more power. This is enough to work with the device for 3-7 hours, which depends primarily on the activity and nature of use.

The power consumption of e Ink displays is calculated not by the time of operation, but by the number of pages viewed. This is a huge advantage for those who use the e-book for its intended purpose, because the battery will last for a very long period of time.

The processor and memory

These characteristics are more important for devices with LCD displays and e-books, which are used not only for reading. The clock speed of the built-in processor in them is from 33 to 800 MHz, and the amount of memory – from 32 to 256 MB. These settings affect the speed and amount of information and workbooks stored on the device. Memory, of course, can be expanded using a memory card.


In modern e-books use and 3G, and Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Mostly, most devices are equipped with a memory card slot, a standard audio connector and USB for connecting to a laptop or computer.

Keyboard and controls

Qwerty keyboard will allow you to make some notes and notes, but if you plan to use the e-book as a typewriter, then, unfortunately, it is unlikely to work well. To date, nothing is more convenient and ergonomic than a keyboard for the computer, for typing has not yet come up.

Selection of e-books

To navigate in e-books use a special button or touch sensitive screen (touchscreen).

Services and formats

One of the most common formats of e-books in the Russian Internet is fb2. Also, quite often there are formats .txt and .html.

Summing up, we can conclude that e-books based on the use of E Ink technology are mainly intended for reading, and the rest of the functions they perform only partially. If you are interested in graphics, photos, videos and surfing the Internet, you should probably pay attention to other devices.

Therefore, before you make a final decision about which would be the best ebook for you, decide on the purpose of the first place to use the device. If you are interested in the possibility of listening to music, surfing the web, watching videos and photos, games, and reading is only an additional function, then give preference to devices with a color LCD display, and best of all-take a closer look at the tablet computers. perhaps it is among them you will find a device that most fully meet your needs.

If you are a fan of reading and do it all de: in the evenings at home, on a trip, while relaxing, the best e – book for you is a device on E Ink, while giving preference to technologies Vizplex and Pearl, which will make your reading more comfortable and safe for the eyes.

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