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Computer care

What is computer care, we all seem to know, but do we adhere to the simple rules of handling complex, computer equipment? The modern world is already difficult to imagine such, wherever in the house there was a computer, not ...

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How to change Windows 10 32-bit to 64-bit

If you upgrade from 32-bit Windows 7 or 8 (8.1) to Windows 10, the process installs the 32-bit version of the system. Also, some devices have a 32-bit preinstalled system, but the processor supports 64-bit Windows 10 and it is ...

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Configuring Windows 10 in Winaero Tweaker

There are many tweakers to customize the system settings, some of which are hidden from the user. And, probably, the most powerful of them today is the free utility Winaero Tweaker, which allows you to configure many parameters related to ...

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Windows 10: No Sound or sound

When you Upgrade to Windows 10, the old settings of the old operating system will be taken. This error can happen or the wrong driver is installed. The you can do. Speaker is disabled or not set as the default ...

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Types of software licenses

Freeware (free) The freeware license implies that the software can be used free of charge. However,” free ” may be qualified, for example, if the development is for household use only and not for commercial use. In the second case, ...

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